Dr. Rachel believes in the importance of healthy lifestyle habits, of which chiropractic adjustments are one. Therefore, she offers her services as a membership plan, similar to a monthly gym membership. These plans are designed to save you time and money, as weekly adjustments per month often average less than a typical co-pay. First appointments are 155$ and then members pick their monthly plan from the options below. Membership plans include up to 30 visits per 30 days from your initial start date.

Cranial sessions are separately scheduled appointments on a limited basis, These sessions focus on releasing the tension along the base of the skull, relieving pressure off the brain stem, increasing blood flow and oxygen to the brain and resetting the nervous system to be more functional and balanced. These sessions differ from a regular adjustment, as they are 20-30 minutes in order to bring specific balance quickly with an effect of multiple adjustments in one session. Current members receive a discounted price while nonmembers may book as well. New client consult is required for all new patients whether cranial sessions only or chiropractic only. Appointments for these sessions are scheduled through email by emailing Dr. Rachel at allarchiropracticpc@gmail.com

Dr. Rachel does not currently accept insurance, but provides receipts for reimbursement for you to submit to your insurance company on your own.

If you have any additional questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to Dr. Rachel!


New Patient Appoinment

Includes consult and first adjustment


Individual Monthly Plan


Couples Monthly Plan


Family Monthly Plan

(including children)


Cranial Session (nonmembers)


Cranial Session (members)


Single Session Adjustment


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