I first came to Dr. Rachel because I was in excruciating pain in my upper back and neck. My pain was a constant 8/10 and could hardly perform daily activities. When I met with her the first time, we went through my medical history and she educated me on how not being aligned can have some really negative effects. I had no idea! After a few visits with Dr. Rachel, my back was feeling much better and I had no pain! My range of motion with my neck returned, I found I was sleeping better at night, but best of all my anxiety and depression had been at an all time low. I've been battling anxiety and depression for nearly 15 years and my symptoms after seeing Dr. Rachel is like day and night. My brain functions better during the day, I can concentrate more, and I'm overall in a much better mood day to day than I was before I started seeing her! I keep up with adjustments to make sure I'm keeping everything aligned and myself feeling good.. I know when I go too long without seeing her because my mood will decline with passing days, I'll feel less like "myself", or just "off" in general which then I know it's been too long and I'm overdue for another adjustment! I'm so glad I found Dr. Rachel and cannot recommend her enough! Especially for those who need help with their mental health! Amazing bedside manor and very knowledgeable. Thank you Dr. Rachel for your excellent care